Presence in the best and worst of times

What does it mean to be truly present? There is a misconception that to be fully in the moment, to be truly present, is to ignore consequences, not focus on the future, instead, it’s an excuse to live hedonistically. While I like the concept, and have been living a mild variation for some time, I think that’s bullshit.  Presence does not discount or undermine the importance of consequences or future, but instead implies a focus on each task taken on. No going through the motions, no waiting for something better to come along. It means seizing every moment of every day, even the downtime minutes, the minutes “in between” events. It’s those moments that can be applied to clearing your mind (as discussed a few posts ago), or just to focus and live the moment.

So my goal is to take advantage of every minute of every day, and be fully present in my tasks. This is a continuation of sorts of the focus post – i am still working on completing tasks without being distracted. I’m getting better, but to make it easier, I’m going to begin by planning out my day and expected accomplishments in the morning, and tackling my list to the best of my ability each day, focusing as much as possible on the task at hand.


Much of this blog’s life execution involves practice. You have to train your mind to focus, to budget, to express gratitude. These are all learned things. So with that theme, a song I wish I could play on guitar:

Smashing Pumpkins – Geek USA. I wish I could get all the way through the different parts of this song… but I suppose practice will get me there.

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