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August 8-15, Cannon Beach

Vacation: Cloud, sun, beach, cheese, surfing, cold water, wet suits, darts, Trivial Pursuit, shopping, zoos, fun-cycles, eating (lots), drinking (lots).


August 7, Time to Party

We have a fantastic baseball team.

Correction: We HAD a fantastic baseball team. The season is now over. We won our division, and had an undefeated season. The division winners were invited to a year end fun tournament that was supposed to happen on Saturday, August 7. The rain changed those plans, and postponed the tournament to Sunday, a day that I couldn’t play due to travel plans (Cannon Beach, next entry). The league wrap party was still happening saturday night, so we hit that up hard. Hard enough that i was fully drunk for the first part of the drive sunday morning. Fortunately we had dependable Rich to take the driving duties on….

Saturday night. I’m realizing that too many of these photos are taken at Lola’s. Not good.

July 23, 2010 – An evening with Rick Baker and Quin

Thursday, July 22

Rick: “Hey Norwood, what are you up to tomorrow?”
Me: “No plans. What are you thinking?”
Rick: “Drinks?”
Me: “Definitely.”
Rick: “OK, do you want to come up to the shore after work with me? We’ll play some beer darts, maybe some beer bocce, bbq some steaks, and head downtown?”
Me: “I love all of those things. So that’s a yes.”

Friday, July 23

5:00 PM
Rick: “Ready to rock?”
Me: “yeah lets do it. we should stop and pick up some darts and beer.”
Rick: “Way ahead of ya. Check out the cooler in the van.”

6:30 PM – Photo 1.
Rick: “Man, you are terrible at head to head beer darts”
Me: “apparently. 6 straight shotguns is more than any man should do.”
Quin (just showing up): “Norwood looks hammered. Dude, why is your shirt completely unbuttoned?”
Me: “We should run down the batteries on our phones, to make sure we don’t make poorly chosen phone calls to our girlfrineds and sound like idiots later.”
Rick: “haha good call. I’m starting up the Facebook app on my BB, and am just gonna leave it running.”

8:00 PM (maybe 7:30, maybe 8:30, not entirely sure) – Photo 2
Me: “We should eat something”
Rick:”Steaks coming soon. More beer, more bocce.”

8-11 : Blur.

11 PM -12 AM, Canvas Lounge.

12 AM- 12:15 AM, Ceilis (apparently). No photos.

12:15 AM – 1:00 AM, The Roxy. I get lost in the bar.

Voicemail to Rick #1: “Seriously man where the hell are you? I’m looking around the bar for you, you said you were going to hit the washroom and just totally disappeared.”

Voicemail to Rick #2: “(a lot of mumbly talking) holy crap balls where are you i’m giving up on this. you and stupid facebook applicationĀ  battery killing bullshit, this sucks I’m going to the stupid casino. when I lose $800 it’s gonna be your fault.”

Voicemail to Rick #3: “Goddamn it how does this stupid thing work..Rick, I’m wrecked, no idea if you are alive or dead. I’m going home now.”

BBM’s to Rick Baker
12:30 AM – “so, where are you. i’m at the back bat. sorry, back bar.

12:40 AM – “I’m rocking the fuck out of here.
– “I’ll say it again – Where are you? Fot seriou
– “for serious”

1:15AM – 3:15 AM, Casino. No Rick. No photos.

BBM’s to Rick Baker
2:55 AM – “So I’m hammered. The pit boss hates me.”