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March 14 – The Medals on Display

So last night the Canucks played the Islanders. What a thoroughly miserable performance. Luongo pulled for the 4th time in 13 games. Alberts looking like he would have lost a puck race with a 4 year old new skater. Can someone explain why it is that The Canuck coaching staff thinks that both Rome and Alberts are better than O’Brien? They aren’t. It makes no sense. Or hey, I’ve got an idea. Samuelsson goes down, lets bring Tanner Glass back up to the second line. 11 points in 62 games. good call. Lets leave Mason Raymond, who’s having a great game, down on the 3rd line. 47 points in 70 games. that’s only, i don’t know, 36 MORE POINTS. Explain to me how promoting Glass is even close to playing the odds of success? I said it before, I’ll say it again: The Canucks are successful despite Vigneault. Can we get a good coach please?
I digress. The point of the post: I went to the Canucks/Flames game on Sunday. We looked much better. And they had the Canucks players’ medals from the olympics on display, so I snatched a pic.


The Good Fight – March 10, 2010

Our time of domination has ended, and we are now underdogs. The rivalry of Art dept vs. Chris and Rich. We used to be so powerful, so…. potent. But the last few rounds have been disappointing failures, like oh-so-many Canucks teams down the playoff stretch.
To be a champion, we’re going to have to pull up our socks and get down to brass tacks.

Dave, Sean; we’re coming for you.

A Sad Day – March 2, 2010

It’s funny how a two week span of excitement, energy, and optimism can be bookended by sadness. RIP Ginger.

Olympic Wrap Up – Feb 28, 2010

Two fantastic weeks. The energy and spirit living in the city was absolutely amazing, and unlike anything i’ve ever experienced in my life.

I can say I was there: Alexisonfire crowd breaks the barricade

At the medal ceremony where Canada is given it’s first home Gold medal (thanks Ad-Rock)

The fireworks at LiveCity Yaletown – I would watch these every single day if I could. That “Stills” song still gives me shivers.

Concerts by the Arkells, Dustin Bentall, Mother Mother, Constantines, Wintersleep, Blue Rodeo, an attempt for Wilco, Alexisonfire, GirlTalk, trips to the Slovakian, German, and Irish houses, visits to the Bay which was a mad house, and of course watching Canada win a Gold Medal in Hockey – the best game i’ve ever watched in my life.

Photo is from the Burrard bridge of the vectoral light display on English Bay.

Sunday Dinner – Feb 21, 2010

A trip out to Richmond yielded this photo. Why would you not want to live in a place this amazing?

Olympic weekend 2 – Feb 20, 2010

So on the second weekend of the Olympics, Jay, Andy and I went to check out the Slovakia house. $60 lunch, all you can eat/drink. Awesome. I then went and checked out the Arkells at LiveCity Yaletown. From there Hayley and I walked to see Chromeo near Main and 2nd. Amazing show, lots of people on lots of drugs. This was the parking lot of the warehouse where the Chromeo show happened.

Hayley and Chris walk 80000 miles – Feb 14, 2010

The first Sunday of the Olymics, Hayley and I decided to check everything out. We took the streetcar, walked by the athlete’s village, past the Sochi, Saskatchewan, Quebec, Ontario, and Hockey houses, ate a delicious Gyro at the Plaza of nations, went to the Bay downtown, through Robson Square, checked out the ziptrekking, the ice skating, ate at cactus club, and went to watch mother mother. Great day, great concert.
This photo (and the whole day), in fact, summarizes my Olympic experience quite closely – it was the day we won a silver medal in speed skating, I walked a ton, watched an amazing show, and had an all around spectacular day. The two weeks that followed were very much the same.