The ever elusive budget.

I have always struggled with this. I’ve never been a money chaser, and have no problems spending money when I have it. This is a fine lifestyle when you are young, maybe in university, but as you age, I suppose, the items you are looking to buy become a bit more…expensive. Houses, cars, that sort of thing. And when you look at the cost, you think “what does a$60 here, or $100 there matter?” Well it all matters, when you look at that over a year or two. It ads up quick when you are plowing through a couple hundred bucks a month in reckless spending, and that has been my habit for years.

So, this is my vow to get this spending under control. I’m going to take baby-steps. Start by limiting my extravagant nights to once a month at most, and limit the amount i spend recklessly during the week. From there managing a food budget and being conscious of costs while at restaurants, and in fact limiting restaurant eating as much as possible. Sounds like a boatload of fun….


Well Insanity yesterday, but today I fail for the first time. I have nothing on the go today. I would have gone for a run, but it’s pouring rain outside (something I hadn’t counted on). So i’m confined to the apartment today. But I suppose I’ve gotten 6 days in until today, so that ‘s a good start. And we start up agani with insanity tomorrow.


Lets break from the theme here a bit. I’m going to throw down my favourite song of all time.

Queen w/ David Bowie  – Under Pressure

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