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More Housekeeping. Time to get up to speed.

First things first – This is a late summer morning taken outside the apartment. For some reason I took this photo as I was walking to work, I was inspired for whatever reason. And now when I look at it some months later on a rainy, miserable Monday, I’m still compelled to post it, as, I guess, it reminds me of long warm days when rain jackets and frustration are miles away; the furthest thing from your mind.

So around this time, I was getting very frustrated with my camera. The reason is because somehow, not naming names, someone borrowed my camera and scuffed up the lens. so now all my pictures have these dust-spot type blemishes on the center-right. Frustrating, because it screens out a bunch of the photos from eligibility for this blog, because they aren’t up to my scrutiny and high standards. You know,  because of my excellent photography skills.

So anyway, jump forward to a busy first week of October, starting with a night out with the Arkells who put on a stellar Commodore show.

This one was a fun one all around. Great night, some very sweet mixed drinks and pizza, and a ride home from some of the nicest guys in the music business.

Then on to the dentist. Not normally something I like to document and remember, but there were some mitigating circumstances I suppose. A rough autumn had me in an introspective mood, and in between meeting at the bank and going to the dentist, I had about 45 minutes to kill out in Steveston. I took some shots out at the south arm of the Fraser river, historically one of my more preferred spots as the peace and quiet allow for an escape from everyday hustle and bustle.


I need to get better about posting. And taking photos in general. It seems I’ve let a lot go.  In one weekend, we had both Hayley’s birthday:

This was the least ridiculous photo I had.

And the Kyprios Peak Performance Project showcase:

That was a good week.

Fun played in October too. That was a good show. 


Oh of course, Halloween costumes and pumpkins.

First Bieber pumpkin, which is NOT done justice through this photo:

You can’t really see it, unfortnatley, but one hand has a lazer-tag gun. Topical, and geographically relevant!

Next up, Hall and Oates. ON the right, the album cover. on the left, our interpretation.

Last up: November sun. 

To be honest, we’ve had a pretty good run this autumn weather-wise. This is from our roof at about 5 PM in early november. Usually it’s rain and ugly at this time.

Coming soon: Seahawks weekend.