Take the Heat, Stay in the Kitchen

I’ve always handled stress well, I think. I may get a little short with people, but it’s generally when I’m trying to dodge the distraction (see previous post) and get the work done.

That being said, I do find it difficult to stay calm and focused when emotions are hot. And this affects my critical thinking skills in the moment, and afterward, I often think of other ways to approach the situation – ways that would have led to a more effective solution.

Well, Askmen.com says that stress becomes elevated when defensiveness and personal offense increases. Often, under time pressure, we may react bluntly or in a manner interpreted condescendingly. I definitely become more “efficient” with my words when I’m under pressure, and this can be construed as rude or accusatory. What I cannot control is how others around me interpret the words I have said. However, I can choose the words I say in a conscientious manner. Askmen.com suggests being the “Steadfast soldier”. I believe this is an ideal that everyone strives for, but it is difficult to stay levelheaded in the heat of the moment.

So how do I improve my “calm under fire?”

Well lets start with recognizing the triggers that set off those emotions. I will make a conscious effort to acknowledge that I’m getting worked up and frustrated, and take a moment to mentally calm myself down. It’s not perfect, but it’s a start. From there, I will try and focus on the solution, and the facts, and not let the emotions take over the situation. Wish me luck.


Run yesterday, run today, Insanity tomorrow perhaps.


Well I suppose the way to go here would be a song that calms me down. Easy.

Band of Horses – Window Blues

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