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September 21 – Time for some housekeeping

I’m behind. So here is a collection of key photos from the past 4 weeks. It’s been slow and busy….

First things first. Canadians game for a birthday is a great idea. Friends, beers, heckling, spilly-talking, all great. Sept 3.

Next up: Gaslight anthem at the Commodore. A day of football, all day beers, and bruce springsteen influenced punk music, I’ll take it. September 12.


August 21 – ICED

Come across a Smirnoff Ice, you gots to chug it start to finish. Andy demonstrates below.

August 16 – Smokey Sunsets

In mid August, there were a ridiculous number of forest fires burning in BC. Unfortunately, when it’s sunny for weeks on end, the air isn’t moving around much. So the smoke just sorta sits in the air, to the point where you can taste it. But it does make for some fantastic sunsets….

Also unfortunately… my camera seems to have some crap on the lens. I’m trying to clean it off, but in the meantime I’m stuck taking photos with an iphone….