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May Long 2010

Matt’s stag. Lips are sealed.

here’s a non-offensive photo of us hitting 19 Greens. The rest of the photos I deemed not-suitable for public consumption.


May 15 – A long way up…

So after consuming about 14 beers on Friday night and going to sleep at approximately 3 AM, I had to wake up at 730 to drive Hayley to the ferry in Tsawassen. From there, I went to Lizyle’s place, met up with the group, and off we go to “Hike the Chief.” Longer than i expected (don’t know really WHAT I expected), this ended up being about an hour and a half of cardio on the way up, and then when you are nice and tired, about an hour of leg workout on the way down. You think going downhill is easy? it’s not. It sucks. A lot.

The views are pretty cool though, and all in all it was a good time even if Wooderson did scare the ever living crap out of me by threatening to push me off a cliff at one point. I’ll get you back.

May 6, 2010 – When did I become a Centre?

When my linemates whined about it being “too much skating”. Andy’s “INSANITY” training is putting him in the fast track to patrolling the middle of the ice, though.