Chrissy Carries the Torch – Feb 11, 2010

The Olympics were almost here, and the torch relay was amazing. It entirely united a nation of people and got them excited about the games to come. Chrissy was a lucky benefactor of an extensive torch relay as she won an opportunity to run with the torch. It was during the day, so we missed it, but fortunately her parents threw a party for her that night, where Jay, Andy and I (as usual) got pretty drunk. The party ended with Jay pressing the “door open” button in the elevator repeatedly for about 5 minutes just as the door was closing, which we all thought was hilarious. Here is a picture of Stef picking his nose behind the famous torch. Taken at Chrissy’s parents’ place.


Superbowl – Feb 7, 2010

We watched the Superbowl at my place. Jay and I decided to make a Bacon Explosion on my BBQ, in honour of the spirit of the day. This was memorable as it was the first time we decided to smoke anything on my BBQ. After preparing all the necessary equipment and wood chip0s, we got it going. At first, there were several complaints between Jay and I about the lack of smoke. This would quickly become the inverse of the much more serious problem, which was too much smoke. So much so, in fact, that our upstairs neighbours thought the building was on fire, and were yelling at us to see if everything is alright. We had the football game so loud that we couldn’t hear them, until they started banging on the door. Hayley was not impressed. Fortunately, she didn’t see what happened next.

At this time, I went to check the temp of the grill, which, beneath billowing clouds of smoke, had skyrocketed well beyond the upper limit of the thermometer. This was one hot BBQ grill. I immediately lifted the lid, to see 4 foot flames coming from the “smoker pack” of woodchips. Oops. I quickly turned the propane off, and turn off the gas lines, and leave the lid up. Fortunately, at this point, the bacon explosion was sufficiently cooked, so we let the woodchips cool while we ate the bacon explosion. It was worth it.

The Wilson Family – Feb 8, 2010

The long story – I moved in with Hayley in June of 2009. She quickly got a subscription to some trashy magazines. I guess they usually service middle aged married women, of which Hayley is not. Apparently trashy magazines have no problems selling their subscription list to companies like Disney. Disney, assuming that every single reader of this magazine is a married woman in her mid 40’s, decides to label their uns0licited packages to the last name of the subscriber, addressed to her “family”. Thanks to Disney, our packages are addressed to “The Wilson Family”. I’m not a Wilson…
Well played Disney. Well played.

Spring Has Sprung – Feb 5, 2010

This was taken on the walk home. 7 Days before the Winter Olympics were set to start in Vancouver, the trees are blossoming after one off the warmest Januarys on record.

A Fresh Start

So I’m a month late. This started on facebook, but I’ve decided to move it to a dedicated place. There will be about 6 posts in rapid succession here, starting with this, taken on my 28th birthday, Feb 4, 2010.