July 23, 2010 – An evening with Rick Baker and Quin

Thursday, July 22

Rick: “Hey Norwood, what are you up to tomorrow?”
Me: “No plans. What are you thinking?”
Rick: “Drinks?”
Me: “Definitely.”
Rick: “OK, do you want to come up to the shore after work with me? We’ll play some beer darts, maybe some beer bocce, bbq some steaks, and head downtown?”
Me: “I love all of those things. So that’s a yes.”

Friday, July 23

5:00 PM
Rick: “Ready to rock?”
Me: “yeah lets do it. we should stop and pick up some darts and beer.”
Rick: “Way ahead of ya. Check out the cooler in the van.”

6:30 PM – Photo 1.
Rick: “Man, you are terrible at head to head beer darts”
Me: “apparently. 6 straight shotguns is more than any man should do.”
Quin (just showing up): “Norwood looks hammered. Dude, why is your shirt completely unbuttoned?”
Me: “We should run down the batteries on our phones, to make sure we don’t make poorly chosen phone calls to our girlfrineds and sound like idiots later.”
Rick: “haha good call. I’m starting up the Facebook app on my BB, and am just gonna leave it running.”

8:00 PM (maybe 7:30, maybe 8:30, not entirely sure) – Photo 2
Me: “We should eat something”
Rick:”Steaks coming soon. More beer, more bocce.”

8-11 : Blur.

11 PM -12 AM, Canvas Lounge.

12 AM- 12:15 AM, Ceilis (apparently). No photos.

12:15 AM – 1:00 AM, The Roxy. I get lost in the bar.

Voicemail to Rick #1: “Seriously man where the hell are you? I’m looking around the bar for you, you said you were going to hit the washroom and just totally disappeared.”

Voicemail to Rick #2: “(a lot of mumbly talking) holy crap balls where are you i’m giving up on this. you and stupid facebook application  battery killing bullshit, this sucks I’m going to the stupid casino. when I lose $800 it’s gonna be your fault.”

Voicemail to Rick #3: “Goddamn it how does this stupid thing work..Rick, I’m wrecked, no idea if you are alive or dead. I’m going home now.”

BBM’s to Rick Baker
12:30 AM – “so, where are you. i’m at the back bat. sorry, back bar.

12:40 AM – “I’m rocking the fuck out of here.
– “I’ll say it again – Where are you? Fot seriou
– “for serious”

1:15AM – 3:15 AM, Casino. No Rick. No photos.

BBM’s to Rick Baker
2:55 AM – “So I’m hammered. The pit boss hates me.”


July 17, 2010 – Sunrise from the roof

Following the football game, Ryan and I take a solid night out on the town. It ended with a couple VERY stiff bevies on the rooftop patio, watching this happen.

July 15, 2010

My ongoing quest for new “activities” continues. This past week, it involved biking around the unfortunately named “dike” in Richmond after dinner. We went about 16 k, so I suppose that’s a good first go. I was hoping to get some hilarious biking video of Hayley, as, for whatever reason, she has struggles when it comes to left turns on bicycles. I’ve taken to calling her “Zoolander” while we bike and singing “Jitterbug” and “Relax.” She doesn’t find the humour.

This was a photo taken from the North-west corner of Richmond. We managed to stop for a few brief moments before the axis of evil members known as mosquitoes began to eat my face off my face. It didnt’ turn out how i wanted, but in the end not scratching the crap out of my skin for 3 days wins out over good photos. Oh. And because it was slightly breezy, and, well, the dike, my lens is now dusty as shit.In fact, I’m not sure why I want to remember this. In fact, when we got back, i was both relieved and angry due to the dusty lens and fresh mosquito bites.

July 3-4 – Point Roberts

I’m getting lazy here. I’ve been slacking. Time to get back on the horse.
Last weekend, on saturday 5 of us hit Point Roberts. This weekend proved to be a pivotal one for me. More on that later. The highlight was being able to completely relax and let go of the work stresses that had been bottling me up the past while. As soon as we got there, we were forced into a boat in order to grab the crab from the traps. There are worse things in the world than spending a few minutes in a boat on the water, let me tell you.

This is us boating away from shore/my car/the cabin/real life frustrations.

June 26 – Matt & Krista’s wedding

This was an event. This was my first experience as a groomsman, and the whole thin was a fantastic experience. rom showing up 10 minutes late to the rehearsal, to getting drunk on a Thursday night, to losing $40 at the casino on Saturday morning, having a great breakfast at the MGC, getting as James calls it, an “all day buzz” going, nailing all required tasks with my compatriot from the bridal party, Steph, eating a fantastic dinner at the Richmond Golf and Country Club,  dancing up a storm to one of the best wedding reception dj’s I’ve ever seen (and I’ve been to a good number of weddings),  watching Hayley get way too drunk, getting really drunk myself, cruising on to the casino again (2nd time in one day), and this time turning another $40 into $170, eating a whitespot spicy chicken sandwich at the casino, and going home. Solid, solid weekend. Sunday was incredibly unproductive.

One story to note. A week ago, I had told my parents the reception was at Country Meadows Golf Club. and didn’t think about it any further. Turns out that my mom drove Hayley and Jay to Country Meadows, dropped them off, and left. Well it turns out that the reception was at the Richmond Golf and Country Club. not the same place at all. Fortunately Hayley’s dad saved the day, picked them up, and dropped them off at the right place just in time for our entrance.

June 18, 2010 – Karlo & Lara’s Wedding reception

Catered by the Reef, one of my favourite Vancouver restaurants, this reception had it all. Great people. Great food. Great drinks. Great atmosphere. And a great post-party at Paul and BJ’s place. Walking through the Wendy’s drive  thru at 3 am in suits and refusing to move until they served us was fun too. we had some angry people behind us….

These girls had fun. And I know the one second from the left had a rough morning the next day.

June 13 – 5 guys burgers

So on the way back from the Gorge, I made the guys stop at this place that had been recommended to me by a coworker, Caren, called 5 Guys Burgers. It’s sorta like a combo of Veras meets In n Out burger. And it’s GD delicious. all burgers are double patty, unless you are a sissy and order off the small menu. Toppings are free, and are quite varied. I had a double bacon cheeseburger with lettuce, tomato, jalapenos, bbq sauce,  mustard, anda bit of mayo. and it was fantastic.

To boot, they let you eat Peanuts while you wait for your food!