July 15, 2010

My ongoing quest for new “activities” continues. This past week, it involved biking around the unfortunately named “dike” in Richmond after dinner. We went about 16 k, so I suppose that’s a good first go. I was hoping to get some hilarious biking video of Hayley, as, for whatever reason, she has struggles when it comes to left turns on bicycles. I’ve taken to calling her “Zoolander” while we bike and singing “Jitterbug” and “Relax.” She doesn’t find the humour.

This was a photo taken from the North-west corner of Richmond. We managed to stop for a few brief moments before the axis of evil members known as mosquitoes began to eat my face off my face. It didnt’ turn out how i wanted, but in the end not scratching the crap out of my skin for 3 days wins out over good photos. Oh. And because it was slightly breezy, and, well, the dike, my lens is now dusty as shit.In fact, I’m not sure why I want to remember this. In fact, when we got back, i was both relieved and angry due to the dusty lens and fresh mosquito bites.

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