June 26 – Matt & Krista’s wedding

This was an event. This was my first experience as a groomsman, and the whole thin was a fantastic experience. rom showing up 10 minutes late to the rehearsal, to getting drunk on a Thursday night, to losing $40 at the casino on Saturday morning, having a great breakfast at the MGC, getting as James calls it, an “all day buzz” going, nailing all required tasks with my compatriot from the bridal party, Steph, eating a fantastic dinner at the Richmond Golf and Country Club,  dancing up a storm to one of the best wedding reception dj’s I’ve ever seen (and I’ve been to a good number of weddings),  watching Hayley get way too drunk, getting really drunk myself, cruising on to the casino again (2nd time in one day), and this time turning another $40 into $170, eating a whitespot spicy chicken sandwich at the casino, and going home. Solid, solid weekend. Sunday was incredibly unproductive.

One story to note. A week ago, I had told my parents the reception was at Country Meadows Golf Club. and didn’t think about it any further. Turns out that my mom drove Hayley and Jay to Country Meadows, dropped them off, and left. Well it turns out that the reception was at the Richmond Golf and Country Club. not the same place at all. Fortunately Hayley’s dad saved the day, picked them up, and dropped them off at the right place just in time for our entrance.

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