Sasquatch Festival – May 29-31

Key quotes from a weekend with Rick Baker, Quin, and Andrew Evertt:

“Use your GODDAMN INCISOR.” – Andy, in reference to my looking for a knife to puncture a hole in my beer can for shotgun purposes. Andy, it’s doing things like that which caused me to chip a tooth not a week prior.

“Summofabitch.” – Not sure who said it originally, but it made us laugh uncontrollably for about 45 minutes.

“You’re going to be OK” – what we would say to the drunk idiots making fools of themselves throughout the festival. Eventually, it became appropriate to just start saying it to each other.

“Is it just me, or are my hands sticky?” – Andy said it. You had to be there.

The one undeniable thing – there is no better venue in the pacific northwest (BC, Washington, Oregon) better than the Gorge. Possibly in the world. Everyone that hasn’t been always thinks that’s an exxaggeration for effect. It’s not. It really is one of the most spectacular locations I’ve ever been. And if I have the opportunity to camp there and drink for 4 days while watching 60 fantastic bands, how do I say no to that?

So awesome, in fact, that it warrants two photos.

Neither of which properly do it justice….

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