April 7 – Safeway. Those Jerks

So we go to the Safeway at 4th and Vine in Vancouver all the time. As it’s really close to our apartment,  we do most of our grocery shopping there. The parking lot at that Safeway is supposed to be for Safeway customers only, which is fine. At the end of the summer last year, we finished our shopping run to find a ticket on the car. Hayley (as she does sometimes) got really hot and bothered about this, and stormed back into the store to express her displeasure. As I said, parking in the lot is free for Safeway customers, and we only park in that lot if we are shopping at Safeway. The customer service rep took her ticket and receipt, and said she’d take care of it. Even still, it took several calls to Safeway and DSP to clear this up after we received a notice in the mail about it.

Yesterday, when we got home, we found a notice from DPS parking, saying that we were overdue for a ticket issued February 25 at the same parking lot. Of course, neither of us remember getting a ticket at the Safeway parking lot in February (you generally remember that sort of thing). We don’t keep safeway receipts for 2 months, so we had to check our bank statements. Sure enough, I had a $9 charge on my bank account from Safeway; I had taken Hayley’s car up to safeway that night to get some dinner.

So we’ve proven that we were at the Safeway parking lot that night. SHOPPING AT SAFEWAY, which is what the lot is for. But what’s WORSE is that they never even put the ticket on the window of the car that night. I got in, drove home, parked the car in our underground, and forgot about the trip almost entirely. Of course you aren’t going to keep a safeway receipt for 2 months. So they figured that they could ticket us (without actually providing the ticket), and in two months we would forget about having been at Safeway, throw out our receipt, get the notice in the mail, and since we wouldn’t have the receipt, we wouldn’t have any power to fight it. Ahh the internet – the great equalizer.

Suffice to say that Hayley and I will NOT be paying this ticket. Also, we will NOT be shopping at this Safeway any longer. Save On is a better deal anyway, and not all that far. We’re tired of fighting tickets, especially near extortion attempts like this one.

Twice in 6 months is a little much.


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