March 14 – The Medals on Display

So last night the Canucks played the Islanders. What a thoroughly miserable performance. Luongo pulled for the 4th time in 13 games. Alberts looking like he would have lost a puck race with a 4 year old new skater. Can someone explain why it is that The Canuck coaching staff thinks that both Rome and Alberts are better than O’Brien? They aren’t. It makes no sense. Or hey, I’ve got an idea. Samuelsson goes down, lets bring Tanner Glass back up to the second line. 11 points in 62 games. good call. Lets leave Mason Raymond, who’s having a great game, down on the 3rd line. 47 points in 70 games. that’s only, i don’t know, 36 MORE POINTS. Explain to me how promoting Glass is even close to playing the odds of success? I said it before, I’ll say it again: The Canucks are successful despite Vigneault. Can we get a good coach please?
I digress. The point of the post: I went to the Canucks/Flames game on Sunday. We looked much better. And they had the Canucks players’ medals from the olympics on display, so I snatched a pic.

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